Tell Forced Car Insurance Rates to

Turn That Seventies

ICBC Corp into a co-op


BC Drivers Want Choice


British Columbia has the highest auto insurance rates in Canada.


BC drivers have no choice when it comes to buying auto insurance for their vehicles and they are forced to pay for ICBC's monopoly "dumpster fire."


ICBC was hatched way back in the 1970's - the era of the Pinto and polyester suits - so it's time for an overhaul of the government Gremlin.


BC drivers can't afford to keep on truckin' with ICBC.


Turning ICBC into a co-op and opening it to competition would allow BC drivers to shop around and find lower rates.


British Columbia has a very high cost of living - drivers shouldn't be forced to pay the highest auto insurance rates in all of Canada.


BC drivers want choice.


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Read the CTF’s study on why ICBC’s monopoly should be ended

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